Chasing Waterfalls

So if the person you're with is someone you respect, who you believe has a great heart and a great soul, as good a heart and soul that you will ever find. Don't ever leave them because you won't find anyone better.

So even if you have an argument or you have a fight or, there are moments maybe even years that can be tough. I don't mean an extended period of years, but you know, we all go through different moments in life. Stick it out, work at it.

As long as that person is someone you respect and you are kindred spirits, because you won't find a better one. So hold on.

🧵 - Tom Ford

I came across the above TikTok video of an interview with legendary fashion designer, Tom Ford. His words were penetrating — filled with such a simple but powerful truth.

We all are chasing someone or something. Sometimes we feel like the only option is to settle. And there are times when we choose and then wonder if there is someone or something better out there. I know this has been my Achilles heel, especially in the area of love.

But I am vowing that 2023 and beyond will take on a different hue. I will stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to. Let me know in the comments if this resonates.

Every Tuesday morning at 10 AM EST I will post a powerful prompt and follow it wherever it leads. The aim is to resource all "three brains" — head 🧠, heart 💓, and gut 🤰 — in hopes of connecting the dots to those sticky parts in our nature that matter so we can live our best life.

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