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Shifting from Resilience to Gratitude

I had the pleasure of joining Owen Cox on episode 003 of The Others Co. podcast, a show dedicated to helping listeners find the antidote to mindless living. We took a deep dive into a topic that's deeply personal to me — resilience, and explored the fascinating dance between wellness, personal growth, and the integration of both traditional and alternative medicine. Today, I want to share some key takeaways and personal reflections from that enlightening conversation.

Resilience to Gratitude ✨

One powerful theme emerged during our discussion: the profound shift from resilience to gratitude. Resilience has been my battle buddy throughout my cancer journey. It's that inner strength that kicks in when you want to scream "stop it!" but keep pushing forward. Here's the thing I’ve realized — true resilience often leads us to a place of deep gratitude; it's about finding joy and thankfulness in the journey itself.

Self-Kindness and Compassion 🧡

One of the most eye-opening insights from our conversation was the importance of self-kindness. Personal growth begins with self-compassion. Acknowledge your inner struggles and be kind to yourself. It's a strength that helps you navigate life's challenges with grace.

Holistic Wellness and Mainstream Medicine 🩺

We also discussed the perceived divide between alternative and traditional medicine. True healing requires a holistic approach that embraces both. The wellness industry is shifting towards preventative health, longevity, and integrated well-being practices. It's about thinking proactive, not reactive, when it comes to our health.

Evolving Men’s Work 🚹

The evolution of men's work was another highlight. It's refreshing to see how it’s addressing issues of sexuality and personal growth in a more positive and inspiring way. This shift is helping to break down outdated stereotypes and encouraging men to embrace their full, authentic selves.

Embracing the Healing Elixir 💉

During my treatment, I reframed chemotherapy as a "healing elixir." This mindset shift was crucial in maintaining a positive perspective. By seeing the treatment as a source of healing rather than just a battle, I found strength in the most challenging times.

Embracing Vulnerability 💔

Embracing both vulnerability and strength helped me navigate my journey with a balanced perspective, acknowledging my fears while staying strong.

The Power of Transcendental Experiences 🌌

Transcendental experiences can profoundly impact our understanding of purpose and existence. These moments of connection and self-discovery are key to true healing, offering insights that go beyond the physical aspects of health.

Cultural Influences on Illness Perception 🌍

Different cultures perceive and respond to illness in varied ways. Some view topics like cancer as taboo. By breaking down these cultural walls, we can foster open conversations and a more inclusive approach.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving 🌱

Surviving any medical adversity isn't just about staying alive; it's about thriving afterward. Turning that experience into a catalyst for positive change is the ultimate goal. It's about embracing your journey and using it as a springboard for growth and transformation.

Embrace Your Power 🔥

One of the most powerful messages from the podcast was the importance of personal agency. Overcoming life's challenges isn't just about enduring them — it's about transforming them into opportunities. This mindset has been a guiding light in my own journey, and it's a message I strive to impart through my coaching and storytelling.

The Ever-Changing World of Wellness 🧘‍♂️

The wellness landscape is constantly evolving, with a growing emphasis on self-awareness and growth. Whether it's high-end treatments or simple practices like yoga, the goal is to heal and become comfortable in your own skin. My TEDx talk and coaching aim to reinforce this message — true wellness comes from within.

These are just some of the many takeaways from my conversation on The Others Co. podcast. If you're curious to learn more, head over and check out the full episode!

Until next time, keep it real, keep it resilient, and keep growing…

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