🙏 "True compassion is to meet people where they are."

I recently had a delightful conversation with host, Michael Zellner on his podcast, “Think Big.”

During our chat, I recall a story of my stay in the cancer wing of the local hospital where I describe coming face to face with the true essence of compassion — the ability to meet people where they are, and not where you think they should be. The moment was an eye-opener because it forced me to embody a much greater perspective.

This sentiment was also echoed this past weekend during my coverage of Black Entrepreneurs Day presented by Shark Tank investor, Daymond John at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York City. One of the keynotes at the event, Grammy-winning artist, Killer Mike beautifully stated,

You need to pour out what was poured into you.”

It was a simple phrase but a powerful reminder to listen before judgement; to seek to understand before coming to a conclusion; to stretch my understanding of truth in order to encompass a far greater lens.

Compassion is not always about the big things. It is in the moments when silence trumps action. It is the days when concern is the only aim. Because the simple fact remains…as we feel into another’s suffering, we intimately feel into our own humanity.

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