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A Well Lived Life

I am reflecting on a 7-day wellness adventure I recently experienced in South Tyrol, Italy and Austria at Preidlhof Luxury DolceVita Resort.

Each day was filled with such new and exciting wonders. From water massages, gut release therapy, olfactory (smell) test, forest bathing, Zen shiatsu, yoga nidra (sleep), apple journey, sharira abhyanga (oil massage), vipassanā (mindfulness), HRV assessment, sound and quartz massage, laughter yoga, the Glowing Flow experience, to celebrating Ferragosto (summer holiday) with the locals, and the deep sea experience…one thing is for sure - it lit a fire in me that still feels both invigorating and renewing.

Here are the 5 things that struck me the most:

📍 As alluded in one of my IG stories, wellness is not something to chase after, it is always something to find.

⛰️ There is a certain aura that mountains give off. It's like they are beckoning you home again.

💁 The Italian / German influence is strong there. Every touchpoint was amazingly spotless, service was timed to perfection, and there was a genuine sincerity amongst the staff to serve in making the experience that much more memorable.

🦚 Two key facts that I am taking with me: Nature and Play. I admit it, I am not very good at either. But I vow to do better. Pottery class or water painting anyone?

👀 You don't need to fly 4,000 miles away to discover the beauty that surrounds you. As a wise soul once said, "beauty is right in front of you, if you but open your eyes to see.”

I share this experience because I think it is important to know that gratefulness doesn’t need to be grand, it just needs to land. And in my case, that’s in all “three brains” - 🧠💓🤰

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The Human Resolve®
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