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My name's Savio, a recovering "good guy," 😊 TEDx rocking cancer survivor, and your guide on this adventure called life. I'm not just another expert — (though, hey, media journalist, board-certified wellness coach, and bestselling author do have a nice ring to them!). I'm a fellow traveler, here to share the hard-won wisdom I've gleaned from my highest triumphs to my epic fails.

Feeling stuck, just going through the motions? I’ve been there. But what I've discovered is that the key to unlocking your full potential lies buried deep within you.

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Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM EST, I'll be your guide on an expedition through the vast terrain of your head 🧠, heart 💓, and gut 🤰.

Through powerful prompts, inspiring stories (including a few battle scars from my own stage 3 cancer journey!), and actionable tools, we'll dive deep to find the gems that will reshape your perspective.

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About me:

🌍 I'm a wellness explorer, uncovering secrets from National Geographic adventures in India, spa towers in Italy, to Temazcal sweat lodges in Mexico. My adventures have even taken on the Academy Awards red carpet, South By Southwest (SXSW), to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) where I've interviewed leading thought-leaders and experts.

These experiences fuel my writing for publications like Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and BuzzFeed where I share the most actionable tips to help you transform your life. And oh, I have also been featured on Fox News, The Los Angeles Tribune, and The Wrap.

🗽 New York City keeps me on my toes, but I'm always seeking out of this world vibes. Let's just say, space travel is never out of the question!!

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I'm a TEDx Speaker, Media Journalist, Board-Certified Wellness Coach, Best-selling Author, Podcaster & Stage 3 Cancer Survivor. I help transform adversity into #unstoppable leaders.